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Automatic Monthly Contents Generation

  1. Every month I do a chronological list of all posts published during that month.

    This is annoying manual labor.

    Can't WordPress find a way to automate *that*? That's more useful than that horrible "Possibly Related Links" stuff they tried to burden us with.

    See this month's Contents for an example of what I mean:

  2. I don't understand. Your theme (Sapphire) has an archive template for a page. I know it works because I just created one in a test blog with your theme. The archive will create the index.

  3. Now I don't know what YOU mean! Where/how? And did you look at my link to see how I want it done?

  4. But that would be a change and you said you didn't like more changes.

  5. raincoaster: No no no. You did not click the Contents link. I want a simple list of headlines. I know all about that archive feature. I love that! Unlike the Contempt theme I used for the old blog, I can speed through things quickly to find something now.

    @mach10: It'd be a useful *feature*. An *option*.

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