automatic pingbacks aren’t working

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    The first few times that I linked to my own blog in a post, or to another blog, a pingback was automatically generated, showing in the comments of the original post that a newer post had linked to the old post.

    Lately, no pingbacks appear, on either my blog or another blog. This has been going for a while, probably the last few months. Options/Discussion has both the “attempt to notify linked blogs” and “allow link notifications” checked.

    I use Ecto to post (on a Mac), but pingbacks used to happen using Ecto. I haven’t updated Ecto, I don’t think. Version 2.4.2. I did re-install it onto an upgraded machine lately. My memory is not quite clear, but I think the pingbacks stopped before I re-installed it.

    I even edited some posts with links directly in the web editor (firefox mac), and pingbacks still don’t appear.

    I searched the FAQ and forums and learned more about pingbacks, but did not see this problem mentioned.

    Any suggestions?



    Pingbacks have always been glitchy as far as I can tell. has been unable to isolate the problem; I have had pingbacks show up more than a YEAR after they were made!



    A friend recently asked this in the forums as well and it is something that is still unsolved I think! Not sure how many times staff have been alerted to it, so I am not sure of the status. Maybe send them a feedback and report back to this thread if you learn anything new!




    Yeah….you know, I can’t find the Feedback link? It says in upper right corner, but I’m not seeing anything.

    Thanks for your responses–after I searched on “pings”, I did get the impression of general unreliability. :(



    That link will appear once support opens. They open at 9 AM Pacific. So in about 3 hours from now.



    Oh! thanks very much. How odd–I’d much rather send an email at my own convenience.

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