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Automatic posting of a blog entry to 10 other music sites

  1. Dear Word Press friends

    Is it possible for me to use an RSS feed so that every time I post a new blog entry in my word press blog , it can automatically appear in the blog section of 15 other music sites I have set up? These sites consist of :-

    1. Social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Tagged etc

    2. CD Vendors like

    3. Music Hosting sites like IndieRhythm
    Sonic Garden Shoutlife MyCrossFactor etc

    If so can someone give me the instructions on how to do this?

    Would value your help

  2. Yes, it's possible, but it's probably not a good idea. Duplication like that is going to hurt you when search engines look at the content; they'll conclude it's spam. You probably don't want to repost to more than two or three sites total.

  3. Thanks for your quick reply and advice. I will take heed of this.
    Have a Great Day


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