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Automatic thumbnail generation for uploaded images

  1. I was uploading an image, pretty big 4megapixel, and when it uploaded, no thumbnail was created. This is kind of a bummer, because then I had to go in and make my own stinkin' thumbnail. Which I uploaded. I also uploaded an intermediate size picture, which generated its own thumbnail. What's going on?

  2. Most blogs will have little need for a 4 mp image, and it would be quite wasteful to have many of these uploaded to . It would be best to resize an image to the size necessary for the blog before uploading. Extemely large images will not generate a thumbnail because of server bandwidth issues. It may work better for you to upload photos to a photo sharing service such as, which will generate a thumbnail and a small, medium, large, and original version of each image.

  3. do you mean pbase? Thanks for the tip. I think flickr is more suited for me though.

  4. Right, that's Sorry.
    I haven't tried flickr.

  5. is also a nice image host. generates thumbnails too

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