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    I have a little photo blog, and it would be great if all posts under “previous articles” , or categories had a little thumbnail of the images. Usually there is one image in one post. I am using the chateau theme…

    I tried search in the forums and support, but I did not find, although I think this was sure asked before…

    The blog I need help with is



    On my blog I chose the “concise” format. I also close to insert “the more tag” into the latest post. The “concise” format displays only the title and the first 20 words from each post so that your readers may view your posts at a glance.”

    I choose “concise” and I copied the code from the HTML for the thumbnail image and the text teaser sentences of the length that I wanted into the excerpt box below the editor box. In other words, I overrode the excerpt that’s coded into the theme by using the excerpt box.

    If you are doing this when you create a post then after your create the post and before you publish it go to the bottom of the post, upload a thumbnail and copy and paste the code from the HTML editor into the excerpt box, then delete the thumbnail image from the post. Then copy and paste the teaser text into the excerpt box and publish the post.

    Or if you prefer open another tab and click new post to create a draft post you will be deleting, upload the thumbnail into it and copy the code from the HTML editor. Go to the first tab you still have open and paste the thumbnail code onto it. Go back to the draft and delete it. Copy and paste the teaser text into the excerpt box and publish the post.



    Sorry for my late answer.

    I did not fully understand, because on your site there was at the archives no thumbnail also, which was the thing I wanted to change.

    But I read about the “format” option down on the right side. Its really great, if you have an article with images, just choose gallery, and there is a thumbnail in the preview.

    And in the Theme Settings of Chateau, you have to choose detail for archive settings, so I believe its easier for people to browse the pictures on my blog.

    But thank you anyway, its a good way too how you described it!



    The instructions for including thumbnails in excerpts them I posted above do work very well. However, I removed the thumbnail images for my posts after I posted into this thread. And as you mention the theme also has post formats for “gallery” and for “images” that we can use as well. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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