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Automatic unwanted formating

  1. gracianotorrao

    When i post something like...
    $dpkg --get-selections
    ... the two "-" characters merge.
    What is the problem?

  2. We need a direct link to your blog, starting with http, please.

    What to you mean by "merge"? I can see your two hyphens alright, in both Firefox and Safari.

  4. gracianotorrao

    I am using this plugin:

    In this post:

    It is very useful to me but still has some bugs.

    But if i use the code tags, i get a strange formating ... the two hyphens look like one!

    I will edit the post and add a note at the end to exemplify.

    Sorry my English and thanks

  5. gracianotorrao

    hummm ... i am blushing?!
    Just went for a coffe and now it works fine!!!!
    I swear it was not a dream :)))

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