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Automatic Url Forwarding

  1. Howdy, I currently have a blog on wordpress ( but I am now hosting it myself on another server as Is there a way to have any of the traffic going to my old site be automatically forwarded to the new one? Can I just get the CSS upgrade and enter something like "<META HTTP-EQUIV=Refresh CONTENT="5; URL=">" into the stylesheet? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. No, you can't do automattic redirect off You can make a static page for your front page with directions and a link to your new URL.

  3. Thanks, that is pretty much what I had concluded but I wanted to confirm it before I gave up entirely.

  4. Google 'redirection code'. Here's one page

  5. I forgot to add that's only for self hosted sites like yours.

  6. Oh damn, I'm half asleep. lol You want it to redirect from .com to self hosted. Forget what I just posted.

    *runs and hides*

  7. I thought about doing that, i'm glad someone else thought the same thing too and tried it.

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