Automatically add YouTube videos?

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    Hi there,

    I have been having an account on YouTube for years now, and now I started to vlog daily.

    It’s alot of work to get all of these videos on my, since you have to create a new post for every video. There is a functionality in YouTube to post videos to your blog, but this is not automatically and you have to go to the watch page of the video, click “Share” and select the “WordPress” option.

    Is there some way or workaround so I can get all of my YouTube videos on my WordPress blog? The video bar at the side is not possible, since that’s made up from a script, which is not aloud on

    Flash isn’t an option too, neither is RSS, since the feed isn’t right; it starts with the oldest video and ends at the newest.

    Does somebody know a solution for me?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    please post your actual blog URL.

    Your account name is linked to a Blog that has no videos and spam pop ups.



    I’d like to get help with this too. My wordpress URL is



    The OP does not seem to have a blog, so our answers will not apply to him.

    As for you, there is no way to autopost to a blog. Blogs are made of posts, so yes, you have to make a post for each video.

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