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Automatically Approve Comments

  1. Hey, everyone.

    I was wondering, is there a way I can have it where when a comment is posted it doesn't have to go into moderation for me to apporve it and it is just automatically apporved?

    Please let me know if I can do this. Thanks.

  2. Dashboard -> Options -> Discussion -> Uncheck the boxed labeled "An administrator must always approve the comment" and "Comment author must have a previously approved comment"

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks! It worked perfectly.

  4. @tcatullo
    I hope you realize by removing comment moderation that you are inviting every spammer in cyber space to send spam bots to your blog.

  5. No, not really. Plus you still get a copy of the comment emailed to you.

  6. Comments moderation drastically lowers people's eagerness to leave real comments. As long as Akismet works as well as it does, I wouldn't consider it unless I had severe troll attacks on a blog other than raincoaster. It kills a conversation to be put on hold all the time.

  7. The thing is is that the note about moderation comes up after the comment is left. Kind of rude if you ask me.

  8. That's a point. If comments are going to be moderated, I far prefer to know in advance.

  9. Presumably people can read and take note that I clearly state on my blogs that all comments are moderated.

  10. What we're saying is that it should say that automatically, on all blogs where comments are moderated. Currently it doesn't.

  11. TT, I've never noticed that on your blog but I've got to admit that I've not looked for it either.

    Agree with Rain. Like right about the comment box.

    Hmm, I wonder if I can do that with my install? I get too many ideas around here...

    edit: Hmm, Gone to open up a trac ticket for regular wordpress

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