automatically disconnected when going on my site

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    Hi All,
    Since this morning, I can connect to my Dashboard but got automatically disconnected when clicking on “My Site”, I can’t comment anymore and it’s pretty annoying. Anyone with some diea how to solve this issue? Thanks in advance



    What browser and version are you using? Also, have you enabled cookies? Installed any new antivirus stuff?


    I’m using IE version 6, cookies are enabled (I think, where can I check?), and I didn’t install anyhting new,



    IE6 has many problems with the newly-changed (I won’t say upgraded) WordPress. Is it possible for you to try Firefox? I’m running it on a Windows 98 machine, so it’ll probably work fine on yours.

    You can check for cookies under I think it’s Options Security. Make sure that and your dashboard are permitted sites.


    Thx for the tips, I checked for the cookies and it’s fine. Actually, when I moved from my dashboard to my site, I’m disconneted, but If I enter a comment, I’m connected again, but then if I move to the main page, I’m disconneted again whereas If I moved to an article or another page (not the main one), I’m still connected. I think it’s probably a small problem with WordPress.



    Agreed. Try contacting staff, either now or when they reopen in the morning and report it. Sometimes blogs have some issues behind the scenes that only they can fix.



    Same problem with me this morning as well



    Browser and version?


    It works fine now ^^

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