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Automatically Duplicate posts from my self hosted to my Site

    Is there any way to automatically duplicate all new posts (with tags, categories, featured images) from a self hosted WordPress site to a site?

    I was originally looking to migrate my blog from to a self hosted wordpress, but then I realised I would lose all my community followers!

    By creating a duplicate posting on I am hoping to keep all my followers AND gain the flexibility of plug-ins and especially the Google Analytics for unique visitors etc.

    1. I hit publish a new post on my self hosted site.
    2. Nice add-ins (which are not available on do mundane things like set the featured image)
    3. The new post is imported/duplicates onto
    4. then publishes it to my followers.

    Point 3 is the missing piece to the puzzle. Does anyone have a plugin that can help (or even any other ideas/workflow/mechanism that will achieve the same goal overall?)


    Thanks in advance all.

    The blog I need help with is

    Is there any way to automatically duplicate all new posts (with tags, categories, featured images) from a self hosted WordPress site to a site?

    No. That is, I know a way to do it but it will get your blog here suspended. is set up for original blogging, not aggregation.

  3. There are no tools provided by to autofill pages and posts thereby creating duplicate content across domains, because those tools are the ones preferred by sploggers. The types of blogs allowed and not allowed here is clear - no auto-filled blogs are allowed and no automated blogs are allowed.

  4. Hi, raincoaster & timethief

    Thanks for your replies. For clarification, I'm not intentionally trying to do anything 'dodgy', I'm just trying to find a way around migrating off without losing my the community!

    It seem like I have three choices from here

    A. Stay on

  5. PRO: Keeps all my followers
  6. CON: Spend lots of time having to re-edit and then repost when I get back to home.
  7. B: Migrate to a self hosted WordPress site.

  8. PRO: Gain 'Google Analytics' plug-in functionality
  9. PRO: Gain time saving 'plug ins' like automatically setting featured images) and automatic creation of links to Twitter
  10. CON: Lose all my (non email) followers
  11. C: Start a new self hosted wordpress site and keep the site as a static resource.

  12. PRO: Gain the ability to post new stuff faster and with less hassle
  13. PRO: Gain Google Analytics
  14. CON: Existing community follows won't see any updates
  15. CON: Could be very confusing?
  16. If Google Analytics would be available via I would probably not even attempt to move to my own hosted solution.

    To put this all in context this is how I use WordPress right now. I am effectively a photojournalist, I report and produce 'first look' pictures on the openings of restaurants, pop up venues and bars in London. The most important thing here is speed. The workflow I currently use when I am covering a live event is this;

    I take pictures which are uploaded to Instagram which generates a 'post by email' which is placed in my draft folder. (Usually 3-6 photos)

    Using the WordPress App on my iPad I then add text to the photo, tags etc, and then 'publish' on site.

    However, at the end of the day, I then re-edit each blog to set the featured image (which you can't do via the WordPress App) and then add hyperlinks to the venue webpages, their Twitter accounts.

    I then edit and add the a photo album when at home.

    As I've become more well known, Food & Drink PR agencies have been in touch with me. However, they are all very reluctant to accept WordPress stats. (I haven't looked into this in detail, but it appears that the market standard is Google Analytics).

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to any ideas to make my life easier. I haven't posted anything in 2 days because I've been struggling to get my head around the migration process and the options.

  • Apologies for the formatting above... I can't find a way to go back and correct this...

  • Let's be clear: you can aggregate on your external sites, but not on your site. Staff have said if your site here is just a duplicate of material you've posted elsewhere, it must be set to Private or it will be suspended.

    You can aggregate FROM but not TO

    What you want to use it for doesn't change the terms of service OR the code restrictions.

  • Export all your content to your new blog

    Install Jetpack on new blog - have staff move your subscribers to your new blog

    Upgrade with Domain Forwarding so send visitors to your old site to your new site

    After a year just leave old site with a singe Post on front page that says you have moved in case someone comes around way late or a search engine failed up update or someone links to your old site

  • Auxclass,

    So my subscribers WILL BE MIGRATED to my new blog?

    I've been told here that they won't...

  • I have seen several threads here where the staff has migrated subscribers - but to be safe start a new thread an ask about the subscriber migration here - seems to me it is a recent addition to the Jetpack Plug-in

    It is not automatic you do need to ask to have the migration done

  • Yes, if you ask for staff to port them over and you have already installed the Jetpack plugin, staff can now move them over. It didn't used to work that way.

  • raincoaster/auxclass,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'll ask.

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