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    I want to automatically expire/archive a post that is time sensitive. For example, right now I am arranging a local meet-up and once that date passes, I would like the post to disappear from my stream. Right now it is a sticky post so appears at the top of the page despite how many other posts I may have made since it was originally published. I am thinking about this in terms of using a blog as a website mostly and where a blog will be secondary to the pages therefore having a news RSS to display those items, many of which will be time sensitive and shouldn’t appear high up in news feed. Does this make sense. I know that if I was hosting my own WordPress blog (something I have done in the past but currently isn’t an option) then there are plug-ins available.

    The blog I need help with is



    That is not possible to set a certain time for your post just to “disappear”. You will have to manually delete it.



    Thanks, I thought that would probably be the answer, just hoped that I might get a different one.

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