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Automatically insert author w/ each post

  1. I searched for this but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for:

    Our blog ( ) has multiple authors. I want to set it so that whenever someone publishes a new post, it lists their name after the title of the post. Is this possible?

    Thank you.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can either use a theme that shows the author of each post, or you can use the author's name as a category at the time of posting. You could also do it by hand, putting a link in each time, but that's really not practical. Those are the solutions we've got right now.

  3. raincoaster: "You can either use a theme that shows the author of each post"

    Could you expand upon that please? How do I know which themes allow that, and how do I activate it?


  4. When you go to dashboard > appearance select the preview button next to a theme you want and see if it'll show the authors name under the blog posts. When you find one that suits you then click the "activate" link. You will just have to preview the themes to know which themes allow that.

  5. Thank you, I see how to do it now. However, I have a follow up question:

    Now that I've selected a theme that lists the author's name with each post, is there a way to also show the author's picture along with their name?

  6. Use the author's widget in the sidebar. There is no way to automatically do it in a post, other than having the authors insert the image whenever they create a post.

  7. Attention all, I have resolved the issue, and some may find the following information useful for future reference.

    As mentioned above, some themes automatically list the author's name with each post. Additionally, some themes go one or two steps further by including the author's avatar next to their name, or by making the author's clickable (which takes you to a page of their posts)

    The following is a list of blog themes that automatically list the author with each post:

    "[A]" indicates that the author's avatar is also shown.

    "[C]" indicates that the author's name is clickable, taking you to a page of their posts.

    Banana Smoothie
    Black Letterhead
    Digg 3 Column
    Fleur De Lys
    Green Marinée
    MistyLook [C]
    Ocean Mist
    P2 [C] [A]
    Prologue [C] [A]
    Redoable Lite [C]
    Shocking Blue Green
    Silver is the New Black
    Spring Loaded
    Tarski [C]
    The Journalist v1.3
    WordPress Classic

  8. If you use the Author's widget, whether or not the name is clickable on the post, the name in the widget is clickable to all their posts.

  9. Yeah, I know. I just think the ability to click the name in the post is cool, though, so I noted which themes had the ability to do that.

  10. True, and thank you for doing it. I'm sure people will use it in the future.

  11. No problem, thanks to everyone for helping me resolve this issue.

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