Automatically leaving which details when commenting

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    When you’re logged into WordPress and comment on another wordpress blogs, there is no need to ad website address, email etc…

    So when I leave a comment and my details are automatically added somehow, which details is that? Does my name link to my blog, and if so which one of them? Can anyone by clicking on my name see which blogs I have?

    Couldn’t find anywhere in settings to adjust that, anyone know how to?


    When you comment, a link back to a blog is based on whatever you’ve placed in your URL. Users—> Your Profile. When you go to your profile, you can also add another email address to be listed with comments (if you don’t want your primary one to be listed). People can’t see what other blogs you author simply by leaving a comment on someone’s blog.


    Correction, a link back to blog is based on whatever blog url you’ve placed on your profile. I phrased the first sentence, wrong!

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