Automatically moved video media directory issue, by WordPress

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    We have a WordPress blog, hosted at
    This is a site with a paid members area (locked out by a system by OpenCrypt) so that any user must be logged in, to view any content stored in the sub-directory /members-area/
    However, public media that we don’t need visitors to login to see (such as the free trial video), is hosted in the directory /public-media/

    However, it seems that due to a recent update with WordPress.. when the media settings are changed to upload new media to /public-media/uploads, and then a new video is added, inserted into a post or page (displayed via jwplayer as it works out).. it’s fine.
    However, when the media settings are changed back to upload new media into /members-area/uploads the WordPress system now seems to move the public videos into the members-area secure directory. (This didn’t used to happen without the recent update over the last few weeks).

    Can anyone suggest a way around this, so that WordPress can keep the stored media in two seperate directories, without automatically merging the route to new videos into the ‘current’ media upload directory if the default location is set to another directory?

    (fortunately, for the time being, if we leave the ‘defualt media location’ as the directory /public-media/ after finishing with any uploads, it still displays the public video, although the member videos are still hidden)



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