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Automatically send email to people who fill up a custom form

  1. When people fill up a custom form on a page/post, can we set it so that they will receive an email immediately?


  2. I think that this would be best achieved by running a filter when an email from your custom-form submission is received.

  3. Having said that, an automatic response to a custom form would make a good feature request.

  4. Thanks for the idea!

  5. On second thoughts, it can't. The email that I receive (from the custom-form submission) is emailed by my own email so if I set it to fwd an email it's me who will receive it.

  6. I'd suggest doing this using some outside mail program, like Mailchimp or Constant Contact. Embed it in a Google doc or something and link to it from your blog.

  7. You could also take a look at Wufoo forms which now work here. Not sure if they can do this sort of thing or not.

  8. thesacrepath@ Wufoo sounds promising but in my area there seems to be spammers in my area so there's no free plan. (This sucks a little...) I'm looking for a free way.

    raincoaster@ For my newsletter I'm using Mailchimp (free plan) and I'm afraid both lists in 1 account might be out of the limit and I don't have any plan to create another email account (1) hassle (2) have to keep signing in and out of mailchimp

    Is this possible though: ask them to send an email with "xxx" as the subject and add a filter (like what tandava suggested) to reply to them immediately? (I just thought of the idea)

  9. Yes. If you have Gmail, you can filter those messages automatically.

  10. Thanks. I'll try that later.

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