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automatically updatable widget

  1. This blog is for a group of close to 300 members. I have a database of the members birthdays and anniversaries. In the blog, I update daily the members who are celebrating their birthday or anniversary in 2 different text widgets. Would it be possible to have a widget that would automate this process based on today's date.

  2. If you're on, I'm going to say most likely no. It would take some sort of scripting to pull stuff out of a database and show it. And scripts get stripped here for security concerns.

    On a self hosted wordpress blog, I don't see why not. It seems like it would be a fairly simple MySQL (or whatever database you have) lookup (select where type syntax) and some PHP to present it. Not that I could code my way out of a paper bag...

  3. If you are hosted elsewhere, I would take a second and look over the plugin list at the codex to see if something is available already:

  4. I am very much hosted on wordpress and the blog is under construction

  5. You could do it as automatic posts (changing the datestamp when you write them up to set the correct day), but it would appear in the blog itself on the day in question instead of in the sidebar.

  6. Thanks raincoaster for the reply. Like I said, I am very new to blogging. I have this text widget on the side bar and need to update daily based on if any of the group member is celebrating their birthday or anniversary. I can generate the html code for the text widget on my machine on a daily basis and can name it appropriately. Is there any way for this html code to automatically get into the text widget. May be I am asking for a whole lot.

  7. There's no way I know of to pull information automagically from your local machine to the text widgets. But maybe drmike does.

  8. Not with what we have here. Please note that hosted on wordpress and hosted on are two different things. That's why we were asking you where you were actually hosted as our answers would be different for each situation.

    You could do it if you were using the wordpress software from and were hosted elsewhere. May require some coding though.

    You can not do it here with the WordPress Multiuser software and being hosted here at You would have to add in code and, since we're on a shared enviornment, that would be a secuirty risk.

  9. Sorry about not being clear in my earlier posts. I am hosted on I think it will be easier to update the text widget on daily basis manually.

  10. Not a problem :)

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