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Automatically uploading more posts and my I need my Category Cloud


    Here is my blog - when you scroll down, posts automatically upload (creating more grids).

    Can I make it so that only 8 posts are viewed on the first page at a time, then you have to click a "View Older Posts" link to read anything older?

    And what can I do to have a list of categories at the top of my header without it looking bad or ruining my alignment?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You disable Infinite Scroll on the Theme Options page, I believe, and then set the number of posts per page on Settings->Reading.

    To have a list of categories at the top of your header? You mean as tabs? You create a Custom Menu and put the category pages in it. If you want to move the tabs somewhere they aren't automatically placed by your theme, you'll need to buy the Custom design upgrade.

  3. At Settings > Reading, scroll down and uncheck "To infinity and beyond" and then under "Blog pages show at most" set that to 8 and then save.

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