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    I am trying to have my music play and loop as soon as the page is opened. I have tried the suggestion on this forum to use “&autoplay=1” and “&loop=1”, but that results in “file not found”. I’m not sure if I’m missing spaces or something, but I would really appreciate any insight if you have done this before since there is no help available from WordPress employees right now. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    [audio] shortcode doesn’t support autoplay, but you can use SoundCloud Audio Player if you want that functionality.


    One thing to remember with autoplay, is that a lot of people surf the web at work while they should be doing their job, and if they come to your site, and the music begins, and they have their volume turned up, everyone will know they are surfing the web.

    Also, I surf the web while listening to music from my computer, and I absolutely hate having music from a website all of a sudden automatically overlaid over MY music. You would not believe how quickly I’ll kill that tab in my browser, or use the back button basically never to return again.

    Just my thoughts.


    hi heidi,

    I had the same question and found some solutions, here you have the link with some alternatives:


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