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    Have we ever explored the idea of having an option to play background music that autoplay onload? Having this option in the design/extra section would be awesome, apart from music/video widgets which cannot play music automatically.

    WordPress, please, music is part of almost everyone’s life and bringing music to our wordpress blogs would be appreciated and welcomed by many users.

    Otherwise, could we have a audio shortcode which gives us the option to play music automatically instead of having to click on them?



    i second that.. really wish there’s code for music & flash player..



    thank god wordpress is not myspace…



    Just say no to autoplay… I have never wished for autoplay music when I arrived at a silent site. If I have to click once for music, I can cope with that. On the other hand, I have often quit a site at the first autoplay note.


    It’s true that many users would like that, but it’s also true that many others don’t. Some of us prefer to read or browse in silence, or while listening to the music WE choose instead of something imposed on us. In my view, this feature should only be implemented if it comes with a VEEERY prominent stop button (and/or a keyboard shortcut equivalent).



    i use to browse with my music on itunes and headphones on. and i HATE it, when i enter a site and any usually terrible music blares at me on full volume. that’s still the best way to make me close the window just seconds after i entered a site o_0



    It’s why I spend so little time on Myspace.


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    Autoplay is definitely a bad idea. Almost as bad a automated telephone calls from political candidates…

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