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autoplay music

  1. that would be great if autoplay music is available

  2. i believe the Sonific widget can be set to autoplay

  3. but we can't upload musics to Sonific widget

  4. Maybe you should be more specific about what you want? For instance:

    a sidebar widget that automatically plays music that [i have uploaded to hosted elsewhere]. This music would be an [mp3/wav/...]. The widget could be set to [rotate a number of songs/play one song over and over/play one song and then stop]. I would also like to control [the volume/the balance/the bass/the treble]. Etcetera...

    I have no idea if any of these things are possible; it just helps to be specific :-)

  5. right..
    adding a 'autoplay' function to the current audio player would be enough for me..

  6. It wouldn't be popular with most blog readers, though, just so you're aware. A lot of us are playing our own music or are on dialup and don't like the loading time that slows up the whole page.

  7. my point is 'autoplay', not 'audio player'..............................-_-"

  8. well you don't have to be so curt with your point... we're all volunteers in the forums, don't get paid to offer help, so politeness is top priority here.

  9. I'm beginning to think some of the moderators are going to start using the delete button a bit more some time soon. :whistle:

    Why can't we upload to Sonific?

  10. i'm sorry if i'm "playing moderator", just felt the tone was uncalled for when people are trying to offer solutions. feel free to delete my last two comments (including this one).

  11. The interesting thing is that I have "experienced" wordpress blogs that had music playing and I did not click on anything to activate it. It must have been a sonific set-up like judy mentions. (I hate autoplay music on blogs and I immediately clicked out.)

    Also this is an ideas thread. The original poster wasn't really asking for support so from his point of view maybe he felt that those responding to him weren't really listening to what his idea was.

  12. It would be nice if the audio player was able to use the parameters that the original version could --the one that is available as a plugin for wordpress. You can have autoplay and change the colors.

    However friend, I will tell you that I hate it when people autoplay files. It is highly annoying, especially if someone isn't expecting it. I never do it.

  13. i know some people hate autoplay music on blogs, but some people don't. you can leave it if you don't like it, nobody forces you to enter that blog (i would leave immediately too everytime i enter blogs with ugly layout/background, bright colors that hurt my eyes, posts that not interest me etc). however, we can't stop them from using these when they think these are pretty..
    some people blog for friends, not for public. i'm not trying to gain popularity for my blog, i'm just trying to style my own. i'm here just to give a suggestion to offer an extra option for some people who are willing to use it, of coz you can abandon it if you hate it.

  14. Have you searched for previous threads on autoplay? It has been suggested before, and obviously some people have found a workaround.

    We don't actually have a choice to filter out blogs with autoplay; you have to go there first and hear it to determine that they have it.

  15. It reminds me of myspace.

  16. i hope i can put midis to play in my blog

  17. Have you noted there is a workaround for auto play music already?

  18. I saw this "up" in the forum again and I realized the person was actually asking for a sound file where he/she can insert a HTML code inside the body of the template. The answer is NO. Maybe the person still thinks he/she is using a BLOGSPOT account.

  19. Thanks K I didn't understand that was the case. Now that you have explained I found this

    What are they used for?
    .mid files are sometimes used by webmasters. When embedded into webpages, sound files can be set to play when a visitor enters their web site ...

    As Knoizki has said: is a multi-user blogging platform and we cannot edit our themes. If you could edit a "midi" into your theme then every other blogger using the same theme as yours would have your music playing automatically on their blog, whether they wanted it or not. So a "midi" is a "no go" here at

  20. Has anyone found a way to play custom made mp3/wav files AUTOMATICALLY, upon the reader's entry into the blog?

    Sonific doesn't let us upload our own... :(

  21. Have you read the thread? As far as I can see, it's a no.

  22. I was trying to load an mp3 rudebox embed onto a side bar widget.. with songs recorded. But as soon as the Save option is clicked the widget erases the command saved on it and includes only 'get a rude box ' link.. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong.

  23. You're trying to embed something that's not on the list of acceptable embeds. It will always be stripped out. Here's a link to check out:

  24. Thanks it.

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