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autoplay youtube

  1. how do i get a you tube clip to autoplay in my standard blog ?

    help would be much appreciated


    The blog I need help with is

  2. hey that was really great
    however, it is playing double layer of audio !!!have you or anyone else encountered this ??
    checked everything ...and can't see why ??

    love to remedy it

    makes it pretty trippy -- but maybe just a little too trippy


  3. I'm not hearing a double layer of audio…
    Try clearing your cache and cookies:

    Also note that many people don't like autoplay: while at work, when one is in bed with a sleeping partner, when one is listening to something else, when a browser crashes and you re-open it and a bunch of auto-play windows all start up at once because you have multiple windows reopen and you cannot find which ones are making noise, and maybe it just annoys some people…

  4. longshotblues can't see your post
    was a very good suggestion that i may have left up the you tube window where i copied the url from up
    however i did this
    and still has double layer audio ... 2 tracks slightly crossing over

    hmmm confusing

    if can't fix it soon
    will just leave as non - auto play i think

    thanks everyone for the kind help


  5. issue resolved i think

    it was doing it while i was signed into the site !! in wordpress

    as soon as i signed out and went to home page -- it was fine repeatedly !!

    some strange cache cookie memeory thing ... even though i cleared it too !!


    thanks agin though

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