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    WordPress Friends,

    I am running into an issue where my post is not autosaving. I have read through several different posts on the forum, and have troubleshooted the problem with the process outlined in this topic:

    However, I write posts over a period of days, and sometimes weeks. I write in the Dashboard, on the latest version of Chrome on a OS 10.6.8.

    I am able to go back on my browser and recover after hitting “SAVE DRAFT”. My post will publish just fine, but this issue is causing me to worry.


    The blog I need help with is


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    I had a problem posted in that thread. Browser windows would load partially sometimes. Other times the internet connection was blazingly fast. In my case it was caused by a faulty internet connection via squirrels chewing the cable which connects to my house. No refund from the company for the connection I pay for, but at least now they put in another line and say they will bury it soon. Perhaps that is something to look into for you?


    Thanks for the comment 1tess, but I’ve got a robust Internet connection.


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    If you read some of the posts on the forum tag about autosave, then you’ll see that it is not reliable for anyone.
    Best if you don’t rely on it.
    My internet is back now! Hoorah! But I always select and copy all (in the text editor) before clicking the save draft button. That worked well even when my internet was wacky.
    The other thing folks do is to write a title, then publish privately. The update button works well on published posts. When you finish writing, change the post from private to public, update, and your email subscriptions will go out, as will your RSS feed.

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