Autosave Reverting to Earlier Versions – Losing Drafts

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    I’ve had this issue about 8 times over the last couple months. I will work on a post and it shows it is autosaving. Eventually, I will either save manually, go to preview or to publish and 90% of the post vanishes with no trace of a recent draft anywhere. This is extremely frustrating and is causing me hours of rework. It’s quite terrible to have to write posts multiple times. I’ve tried writing in Word and importing, but even with the import from Word feature, the formatting is often imported in such a mess that it’s beyond repair and I eventually have to retype the post. Has anyone had this experience or does anyone know how to stop this? I don’t want to migrate off WordPress, but if this continues, I’ll have to.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m so sorry I don’t know how to help you with this. What you describe is very frustrating and atypical behavior. I am not experiencing this problem you have so all I can suggest is that you provide all your details to Staff tomorrow after the Support link is reactivated.


    Thank you! Good advice and I will do that. I couldn’t find anything online about anyone having a similar issue. For now I’m using Live Writer to compose. I’ll see how well it imports, though.



    Aha! I clearly recall recent post from bloggers using windows live writer who have had this problem and did go to Staff. I do not know if the issue was resolved or not. That’s important to include in your details to Staff when you file your support ticket.



    Click this link please and see what I am referring to >


    Yikes! Good to know. I haven’t yet posted with Live Writer. I’m in the middle of trying it for the first time right now. Definitely not the cause of my other issue, but something to keep an eye on as well!



    I thought I’d best mention it as I could not tell if you had been using windows live writer to post or not.

    Word processors and blog editors do not work the same way. When it comes to WORD please read this > and particularly this >


    Thanks very much! The last thing I want is to run into more issues while trying to avoid one. :) I learned early on that word processors act very differently, but these are very good articles. Thanks again!

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