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    I have seen dozens and dozens of wordpress themes on the internet. Can’t these be brought into the theme list for easy downloading like the few that are available here now? Or is there an easy way for non-techies like me to get them and load our blogs into them? Overall, would just like to have more of these themes to select from.



    Please do a search of the forum for Themes and read the thread marked Read Me First. It explains the difference between the two types of WordPress and why those themes are for WP.org, not WP.com. The forum threads also explain the steps necessary to try to replicate one of the external themes here via modifying your CSS.



    Brian, WordPress.com currently offers their users 60 different themes. It looks like a lot more themes were introduced when the new “preview” feature was released. (Just the greatest feature ever-even better than stats!) Many of the available themes can be customized with a new header image or color scheme and don’t forget those widgets; it just depends on which theme you use.

    And if none of the 60 currently available themes does it for you, you can, of course, either purchase the upgrade so you can customize the CSS on your blog or opt to buy a domain and host your blog outside of WordPress.com entirely and then you can use whatever WP theme you like.

    It’s all about having choices and WordPress.com just keeps giving us more and more. (Yes, I’m a bit enthusiastic, but for good reasons.)

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