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  1. I have tried and tried to put my picture up on my blog. I know the picture isn't too big because it is 100px * 96px. I have tried uploading and to no avail, I also have been looking at the faqs and the forum for an answer and I have tried numerous things but it still won't work. I browse for the picture, then click upload image. It takes me to a screen asking if I want to crop, I then hit crop image button and it then takes me to a screen that says all done and it shows my picture but then it doesn't show up in my blog or in my manage uploads page.

    Also, I accidentally deleted my about section of my blog and now it doesn't show my profile. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  2. for your about page problem, just write a new one by going to write in dashboard, and select write page underneath the write link.

    as for your picture problem, you could try an alternative: upload the picture to places like photobucket or flickr, and put the link in your post. it will definitely appear, just a little more effort is needed than the usual uploading.

    sometimes the uploading bug can go away after a couple of days. you could try waiting and see if it resolves by itself. otherwise sounds like something to send to feedback.

  3. Thank you for the input. I actually found a work around. I added a text widget and put my profile information in there as well as linking to my picture from my website. That's not exactly how I like doing it but it works so I will be okay with it.


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