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Avatar changes when no blog

  1. Hello, I am new to, can you upload your avatar even if you have no blog?

  2. Hello, I am new to, can you upload your avatar even if you have no blog?
    No I'm sorry but you have to have a blog in order to upload your avatar to the blog page called "Your Profile".

  3. @timethief

    Is there like a blog for beginners? I have heard about yours... It is awesome!! But are there anymore? I need to get a boost out of

  4. Nine months ago I didn't have a clue about anything at all. Our Moderator, drmike, who is a Support Wizard helped me to get going.
    I asked so many questions every day that I probably made him feel like he was going crazy but he remained calm, steadfast and answered my questions and gave me good advice. Other bloggers and our Support Staff Maven Mark helped me too.
    There is a wordpress community here that will help you. has resource material and so does and other do too.
    Provided that you are actually willing to use the FAQs search box and forum search box, you can be up and running on your own in short order.
    Why not get a blog and give it a try? :)
    Here are some beginner resources you could check into

    BTW my blog is not "awesome" it's actually quite humble. I just write what I learn about how to use wordpress in it so other n00bies can use it.

  5. @timethief

    Yeah, I would REALLY LIKE to get a blog, but I NEED A good DOMAIN NAME AND TITLE, HENCE my off-topic thread:

  6. I've got to eat right now and I'm not the right person to ask about domain names. What I know about domains would be lonely on the head of a pin but others will help you. Most of my blogging friends got their domains through wordpress and tucows.

    This is what Andy wrote about domains. I think it will be helpful to get an over-view

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