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Avatar Error

  1. Hi,
    My friend and I are having problems trying to get a new picture on our avatar! It shows the page then doesn't put the picture so we can't choose what part of the picture we want! What are we supposed to do?

    Please help,
    Mr Squeakens and Hiyaman

  2. as you can see, that's what happened to my avatar.

  3. @mrsqueakens
    The bad news is: There is a bug.
    The good news is: Staff are working on it.
    P.S. There is another post of the forum that would have told you that if you had looked for it ;)

  4. Oh, I might have skipped it, whoops!

  5. No, I looked at that one and thought you were just talking about why his avatar wouldn't be on his posts. Not why it wouldn't load, I didn't read throught all those comments.

  6. Staff are working avatar problems and will fix them as soon as they can. The great thing is that avatars are not essential to blogging so we can all just blog on while patiently waiting for the fix.

  7. Update: Bloggers please also note that animated gifs and images containing transparencies cannot be used as avatars.

  8. hahaha! i just hope the bug/problem would be fixed ASAP! it's really quite frustrating...
    though yes, i agree, it's not essential to blogging at all!
    just an eyesore...
    and to the impatient, or the perfectionists, a psychological turmoil. :-(

  9. @yeek9988
    Hi there,
    I noticed this is the first time you have posted to an avatar thread and wanted to make sure that the problem was not at your end. Please read this summary and act on it avatars
    If you have followed those guidelines and are still having problems then please post again.
    HTH :)

  10. FYI, I'm having the same problem.
    I'll sit tight for a while and see if it sorts itself out.

  11. I'm chekcing if my avatar works..

  12. @anita09
    Please be aware that there is a problem with avatars that staff are working on. Please post the url for your blog here so staff can locate it and help you. :)

    Everyone: The avatar testing thread is here

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