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Avatar image is black box

  1. There is a relevant thread on this topic (, but it's marked resolved, so I'm starting another.

    When I upload an avatar, it comes thru as a black box. There seems to be bugs in the steps. I get errors under IE (6) that I don't get in FF (2.0).

    Basically the image seems to upload, but then there is a problem on the page to choose the part of the image I want to use.

    I've sent feedback with the specific steps I followed and the results.

    I've tried it with a JPG and a GIF of just a white square. I've tried 48x48 and 40x40 images. It's not the image as far as I can tell (and it would be splendid if the upload page would actually tell us the rules for images).

    Thanks to the WP for helping us out with this. I'd really like to get rid of the black square, at the very least.

  2. Fixed.

  3. Hi, podz. Thanks for your reply, but it's not quite fixed. Same behavior in FF. And in IE, after I upload the image, I get a runtime error:

    Line: 360
    Error: Invalid argument.

    I do see the cropping square with "grabbers" and can manage to select the image (tho' the above error happens again when I first grab the box).

    After I click the Crop Image button, I see my avatar in three sizes, but another error occurs. This time:

    Line 74
    Error: 'this.img.complete' is null or not an object.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. I'm having similar issues, but don't see the cropping "grabbers" at all. :(

  5. @rcostlow
    Generally speaking the staff can do a better job of fixing things quickly if they are provided with as much information as possible from your end. I think providing staff with information about your operating system, router, proxy, firewalls, etc. as well as the browser you are using and the version may assist them in helping you. (Aside: Our blogs display best in Firefox.)

  6. I mentioned Firefox on my previous post (under different topic). I'm a Firefox ( user, and I've tried uploading a photo with the same issues on IE 6. I just downloaded Firefox 2.0 and experience the same issue. I have Windows XP Pro, Dell Wireless router (TrueMobile 2300), Symantec Client Security.

  7. @rcostlow
    thumbs up ^^

  8. Just FYI - saw your profile. You may enjoy the site Good community.

  9. I too could not see the cropping tool (in Firefox 1.5 and K-Meleon 1.0) but they did show up in IE6. (Firewall is ZoneAlarm 6.5)

  10. I'm seeing lots of black boxes on the avatars. All sizes as well.

    Best bet would be to submit feedbacks with the details you list above.

  11. drmike- If you were speaking to me, then, I have. And it seems podz was really quick to get things working a bit better. I haven't tried it again since I had to move on to other things. To be honest, though it sure seems to me to be an issue on the programming side since so many of us using many different platforms and image resolutions are having trouble. Thanks for your feedback.

  12. I tried to change my avatar and now I have a black box too. :( No cropping available for me eiether.
    Not that it matters lol No image after I click on crop button.

    Firefox ZoneAlarm Win XP Home
    In IE 6 I get the black box as well.

    Edit: Yay! It is working now. Thanks!
    Still doesn't appear by my blog comments.
    Hasn't for a while now.

  13. rcostlow is the only one still showing as a black box in my IE6, for what it's worth.

  14. I'm all set. Working just fine this morning. Thanks (WordPress) for the fix.

  15. I see lots of avatars now. Was seeing red x's about 20 minutes ago.

    I'm going to mark this one as resolved. Looks like it got fixed. :)

  16. drmike-

    I'm not sure why mine is showing as a white square again. But I can live with that. I'll worry about an image later.

    UPDATED: Oh, okay, I feel insane. I see my image now. Tho' now _yours_ is white. ;-)

  17. Just for reference, folks may want to clear their browser cache and do a forced reload of the page that they're looking at. Images are usually cached, especially those that are reloaded many times over.

  18. Holy crap, how badly do you want to get banned?

  19. Deleted that spam post :)

  20. I'm having similar issues the black box appear in the imagen and I cant not select all image to show... Someone Can help me? I use FF2.0 Thanks

  21. I see a head shot in yours. is that what we should be looking at?

  22. dont, the image that yo see is cut on the top and bottom. The original photo is like this:
    I trying whit 125*150, 100*100, 80*80 (resolution) and always I must crop the image ... (My inglish is not good, im spanish ;) sorry)

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