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Avatar in Comments Disappeared...

  1. Just recently, I noticed at all the commenter's avatar disappeared from my blog. I can see them when I go to approve, but not when view on the blog once approved. They were all there a couple of days ago. Can anyone help? Did I do something wrong?

    I'm using Digg 3 Column by Small Potato. Like I said, they were all there a couple of days ago..and POOF!

    Please H E L P! :(

  2. This?

    That doesn't look like Digg3.

  3. yes, it is can see if for yourself if you go down to the very bottom of the blog. Obviously, I customized the header...but that shouldn't affect the avatar in the comments from appearing. Like I said, I can see the pictures in my dashboard (comments)...but once approve - the image is gone from the blog comment entry.

    anyone? Bueller? Bueller? :)

  4. They don't seem to be showing on ANY Digg3 blog, so you might want to ask staff if that's deliberate or a side effect.

  5. I have a similar problem
    I cannot see my avatar when I do comments on my blog

  6. I see yours just fine.

  7. yes here, but I cannot see my avatr on my blog

    have a look on my last comment on this site:

  8. I looked on your blog, and I see your avatar just fine. What do you see?

  9. ok, i've tried on an other PC, an it works

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