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    For the last several days my avatar has repeatedly gotten the boot from wordpress. I’ve had to upload it several times, but after a few hours or days it disappears again and I get that message on my dashboard that tells me to upload an avatar. What’s up?



    You need to be sure that your image doesn’t contain any transparencies, but if you can see it for a while before it disappears, I doubt that’s the problem… which browser are you using as well, out of interest?

    There have been some problems with avatars in the last few weeks, though, so this could be an extension of that. If it keeps happening, it’d probably worth sending an email to staff about it when support opens on Monday.


    I’m using firefox.

    I didn’t have a problem until I briefly changed the avatar I’d been using for months. When the new one disappeared I went back to the old one, which I’ve had to re-upload several times. Hopefully it will resolve itself. It seems to be working today.



    I’ve had the same problem and haven’t changed my avatar in months. This is on Firefox and



    Hmmm. I just switched to Firefox and after about two weeks of everything more or less the same, the avatar dropped, thought it was still visible in the ‘upload’ box when I was asked to load up???? Have uploaded it again, twice … ideas what’s happening here?



    Now, here’s a wierd thing… was using IE for ‘a moment’ and my OLD avatar has ‘registered’ above … not the one I just uploaded in Firefox …


    Things seem to be quite b0rked around wordpress.com right now (especially on anything related to images of any sort). All I can suggest is patience in hopes they will get the bugs ironed out soon.

    Since most here in the forums are volunteers, we are as confused and in the dark as you are.


    Avatar problems at the moment also include old avatars popping up when you least expect it. I never know when I post a comment, for example, whether my old one or new one will show – same for posting in the forums, or in my own blog. It’s a real drag.



    Like the energizer bunny, it just seems to keep going and going and going.


    All fuzzy and dressed in pink, too!



    lettershometoyou: “All fuzzy adn dressed in pink, too!”

    Now, that would be funny to see on my old avatar, since it was a kinda fuzzy/bristly black cat. (With a neutral expression, but the glowing yellow eyes were spooky.)



    I just logged in to find mine missing :shock: I tried to re-upload it and it looked as though it worked but it’s still missing :?



    Well it works here…??

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