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avatar next to headings

  1. Hi there

    I am setting up a blog that will have 2 users and I want to have avatars next to the titles of each of our posts so people know who has written it. Anyone know how to do this? I have an avatar which works fine when I comment on blogs.



  2. i haven't seen a theme which display users' avatars, just their names. you could insert the avatar at the end of the post or a signature, though.

  3. Thanks for the comment, i was really hoping to be able to put it at the top next to the heading, much like the layout of this thread. That way people know who is writing it before they read the blog.


  4. you can add the avatar to the top of the post just upload the avatar to the

    here is example you'll see my old avatar at the top of my post,,,

    Micro Post Update

  5. Well, that works but you have to do it every time.

    I'm thinking this would be possible with the CSS upgrade IF you had a sophisticated understanding of CSS. Otherwise, no.

    There are certainly themes that put the author info and avatar on each post, so play around on the Design page and see if one of those arrangements suits you. NeoSapien does.

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