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Avatar not showing on topics

  1. when i went into topics and typed in catholic my avatar is not showing it is a circle with a W in it. WHY? now when i go into the global tags it is my avatar. does wp even know or care how difficult they are making our blogging. also when i follow my own blog my post are not showing up in reader. how do i get them to do that. my avatar is a picture of Mary and it is grey!! nubins

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Perhaps you can upload a blavatar by following this guide >

  3. Tmethief,

    My blavatar/avatar is already uploaded on my blog. I went in and it is there showing as my avatar. It has been this for months now, until today. Something happened that it is no longer showing up on topics but is on the global tags! It is just one thing after the other daily with WP, I am getting so sick of it!!

  4. The balavatr is the tiny little image next to the blog URL in your upper browser bar. When I click into your site I do not see a blavatar. I see the "w".
    click this link and look at the image next to the URL
    click this link and look at the "w" image next to your blog URL

  5. I know Timethief, I know. I do not know what happened to it and I do not know where it went. If you will look in my comments section you see it. The thing of it is, I cannot find this picture anymore as I have had it on WP since I first started blogging. I cannot remember where I got it from. So I will find another one and let my followers know. You know this is about the last straw for me. It makes no sense why it is showing up in the global tags and not in the topics. Why? Thanks for help.

  6. I just uploaded another gravatar and it is on the topics. Now how do I get my post on my reader? Thanks.

  7. One other question. Why is my old blavatar which seems no longer to be there still showing up when I comment?

  8. Timethief, Never mind I got it all working finally. I had to go around about way to do it, but it is done. I still need to know how I can get my post in my reader so I know they are there? Thanks for help.

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