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Avatar not working

  1. On my computer, avatars don't show up. They show up on my other computer and everyone else's. Help!! Allan

  2. The same thing is happening with me. I'm wondering if it's having the same type of problem that a forum has, except it's with a blog. Try this(I will too):
    Exit out of your browser and update it, and maybe make it a little smaller(too pixely)

  3. Edit: Nope it's not working...

  4. I emptied my cache and that didn't work. It's odd they are showing up everywhere else and it's my blog!!! :)

  5. Mine is not showing up at all, neither on the forum or my blog...
    It stinks too, I made that avatar just for my blog...

  6. Somebody should be able to help us out???

  7. Seriously...
    Oh well maybe we can wait about 20-25 minutes for help.

  8. Okay, I logged on with IE and all is fine. The problem is my browser is Firefox.

  9. hmm...did you just see the person type thing in firefox?

  10. in irefox all I see here are blank boxes. on the blog nothing at all shows up

  11. hmm..well i can't even upload with IE... so yea...
    I think the database is being screwy right now.

  12. Yes it just started to work like 5 seconds ago,

  13. The avatars have been blipping in and out for three or so days. If it really bugs you, contact support when they reopen. It's something only they can fix.

  14. My avatar isn't showing up either. I just started my blog site so maybe I have to wait a bit?

  15. Oh ... it shows up here! hmm.... but not on my page. ??

  16. have the same probs ;-)

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