Avatar or Gravatar does’nt change completely – why?

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    The avatar you currently see wont change i`ve been through the dashboard hopefully I have’nt over looked anything, last night i changed my gravatar which I thought changes the avatar too, on our blog and here in the forums its has’nt changed, but for some blogs I comment on it has example: http://kymleemurphy.wordpress.com/ the new one shows up on there, however not to many other places.

    is there a way to fix this? the avatar (the movie) you currently see I would like to change it

    thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is swaggtalk100.net.



    If you recently changed your gravatar, give it some time. It takes awhile for it to propagate.


    it was early last night around 6pm or 7pm est, was’nt expecting it to be istantly also because it changed on one blog and not another made me assume i did something wrong.



    Common Questions about Avatar display are answered here >

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    Ok now we’re in business its appearing now thanks so much TT, you and everybody else are the best

    issue resolved ;)



    Nice avatar and you’re welcome. :)

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