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Avatar problems

  1. Earlier I could see my gravatar in other blog communities, but now I can't see them. I made a new blog, and imported the old blog. On my blog my visitors comments doesn't show their avatar either. Is there something wrong with WordPress in general or my settings?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please don’t make duplicated threads you can find the threads you’ve
    made or replied to by clicking on your user name.

    Please refer to my reply from your original thread.

    Also I moved this topic to the question forum since your thread doesn't meet the support forum criteria.

  3. I tried the link the last time but there were no replies.

  4. How long did you try the link ? do you see my replies in the other thread now ?

    If not here is the reply again

    Please refer to the Gravatar's FAQ

    Also note that your Gravatar is linked to your email so if you use a different email your Gravatar won't show up this is 1 of the many possibles reasons. here is a few more examples why the Gravatar isn't showing up the sites your posting comments on don't or no longer supports Gravatar. Another example could be also if your Gravatar is rated PG-13 for example and the blog settings are set up for PG only then any Gravatar with a higher rating than PG won't display. FAQ's about Gravatar Settings

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