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avatar question

  1. what is the pixel size for the avatar cropping tool so i can resize my picture?

    if someone isn't a wordpress member can they view the avatar as well?

  2. We resize them to 128x128, 96, 48, 32, and 16.

  3. right, thanks

  4. How long does it take to show up anyway?

    Since this is cross platform, I gather we won't see this in bbpress anytime soon. :(

  5. I'm thinking that the large question mark in the avatar box isn't very attractive and that it doesn't have to be there. There will be people who don't want to have one so couldn't something other than a ? be used. Alternatively how about using nothing at all in the little gray box?

    P.S. I'm not speaking on my own behalf as I did upload an avatar about 5 minutes ago.

  6. I'm about 20 minutes myself.

    Maybe one of use should hack the system and stick in Podz's picture there. :)

    edit: I wonder when we'll get the first porn avatar over here.

  7. Oh 20 minutes, eh. Porn star, eh, naked model, hmmm --- off to do *lol*. Also I thought the lightbulb podz chose was right on.

  8. If people don't want the ? or any other avatar they could just upload a big white square! Or a transparent square for that matter.

  9. Why not just use the same W as we have in the favicons? I know it's uglier than the '?'s but it seems logical to me to use the site logo.

  10. @wank
    girl you're so consistently weird that you crack me right up! *kisses*

  11. there's always the k2 standard:
    the 'W' might imply that a person was somehow connected to automattic.

  12. I don't like the k2 default. It looks sinister.

    I'm wondering whether these things are vetted before they go on display. I know gravatars are. I know livejournal icons aren't, because there's far too many of them.

  13. if someone isn't a wordpress member can they view the avatar as well?

    anyone knows the answer to this?

  14. Yep. Those techie types who have blogs both here and on too are well aware that what we say here can be searched, found and read by others. Sometimes they deliberately use our forums to share their perpetual unhappiness by grinding away at the same old issues over and over again. That way bloggers from beyond the community who ghost our forum will take note of what they say and post comments on their blogs. When that happens then wordpress sysadmin types are drawn to comment on their blogs as well. This in turn provides them with the attention they are perpetually seeking and creates the illusion in their own minds that they are important "contributing" members of the wp community. In fact I think a convincing case can be made to the effect that what they contribute to the WP community is the poison of unhappiness. But I diverge... the answer to your question is "yes" and you can find out for yourself sulz by just taking one of the older forum titles and googling it in google's "blog" search.

  15. thanks, tt. that means no pictures of myself then. =)

  16. I've had a friend stalked because the guy recognized him through his avatar, which definitely means it's not such a good idea to use a revealing pic of yourself. A partly obscured or decently cropped one should not be a problem.

    I've had a stalker myself, and I thank god he didn't have access to any pictures of me. I did run into him a couple of times in RL and he had no clue who I was, for which I was very grateful.

  17. i highly doubt my stalkability, lol - i'm no beauty queen or anything. i just like to stay anonymous from people who know me in real life, but i don't mind showing my picture to people who don't. but that's sensible advice nonetheless raincoaster

  18. Thanks. Seriously, neither my pal nor I will give Jennifer Connelly a run for her money in the looks department, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of people who are stalked are NOT famous, and who knows what could set off a stalker? In my friend's case it was just that he supported a different amateur hockey team; it ended up almost costing him his company!

  19. need help!

    i can't seem to be able to upload my avatar of 262 x 350 pixels.

    gives me an error message everything i waited for the uploading

  20. try reupload them because i can upload my avatar image using a 1024x768 image size and crop them using the tool provided by wordpress into the size i want. But if that doesnt work maybe you should wait before reuploading your image or send a feedback

  21. ok thanks
    can already after lots of tries
    and i mean lots of it

  22. I don't like the 'W'. Makes me think of Republicians. :(

    Oink, what the error that you're getting? The largest I would try uploading would be Matt's 128 square. The one I did upload was 98 square.

  23. We see avatars everywhere so WordPress was just a matter of time. But I'm still not sure where all I can expect to see these images!!

  24. My avatar seems to show up only on sites where I have to be signed in to comment.
    Otherwise, it doesn't show up. I thought it was supposed to show up on all WordPress
    sites where I left comments. It doesn't. Did I misunderstand something?

  25. I believe you have it right. Your avatar ought to appear on wordpress sites w2here you left a comment. It's a new feature so maybe it isn't exactly seamless yet.

  26. helenl, it doesn't work if you're not logged in. It also doesn't work on blogs that aren't on

  27. New all I need is a camera, someone to take a pic, five
    tutorials--I can understand--on how to get a picture into a computer, five more
    on how to crop, size, adjust to shove it into WordPress...I'll get right on it....
    I'm posting for posterity: next year there will be a question mark next to my posts....

  28. @poppy
    You don't have to use a photo of yourself. If you want you can use one of a poppy. There a very nice free image of a blue poppy here

  29. poppy: haha, five tutorials... hilarious

  30. Timethief: very nice of you to pull that up...thanks...Sulz is laughing (glad I gave her a giggle/somebody is laughing) --she doesn't get it. I don't have Clue One how to get a pic or any thing you posted IN to the Internet. If you ever feel the Urge come over you, to create a website: immediately whip out a phonebook and call the nearest AA chapter...see if they can talk you down/out of it --before you completely loose your mind....

    (Coulda sworn you had brown hair....)

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