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Avatar Question -Help Me Understand

  1. I uploaded a avatar today for 1st time and I notice it appears next to my forum posts, but not beside my post in the listings. It still has the question mark avatar. I was reading in the FAQ and it said this...
    "Will it show up by my posts?
    No, but it is just a regular image so you can link the URL just like any other image."

    So how does everyone get their avatar to appear beside their post title? I'm talking about when you are looking at blog posts in catagories such as love, poetry etc. in case I wasn't clear enough.

  2. Give it a bit more time. Here is a good explaination:

  3. Isn't 7 or 8 hours enough time to wait for it to appear ?

  4. thistimethisspace

    I can clearly see your avatar using firefox and IE 7. The avatar appears to me to be a female torso suggestively pulling at it's underpants.

    Exactly where is it that you think you should be seeing this avatar and are not seeing it?

  5. Beside my post title! I'm talking about when you are looking at blog posts in catagories such as love, poetry etc. I see everyone has an avatar but I have just the question mark avatar.

  6. How about giving us a link to where you're looking at instead of making us guess as to what you're looking at? :)

    edit: Usually the avatar doesn't show up next to the post title. I actually can't think of any theme that will do that here at actually. On the blogs, they only show up in the comments.

    Some of the themes for regular wordpress will do that though.


    I don't know how clearer I can make see everyone on the page has an avatar showing by their topic? Or am I having some sort of wild hallucination?

  8. thistimethisspace

    I believe the most recent post you have on the category tag page you provided is 20 hours old
    Perhaps the delay referred to in the post at the link ryannjenn provided above could explain why your avatar is not displaying beside it.

    If your avatar does not display on the wordpress tag pages after you publish your next post then you can send staff a feedback using the button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

  9. Shouldn't have taken that long to show up. It's cached and it does take a bit to show up but if we're talking 20 hours or so, that's a bit much.

    I'd try another post just to see if it'll appear but, if it doesn't, send in feedback.

  10. Also when I sign in, it says "welcome hismuse" on wordpress front page and the question mark avatar is still appearing there beside my hismuse name. I'll try what you said.

  11. Also try clearing your browsers file cache and try again. it;s the same file name so your browser may not be pulling it.

  12. I've tried that a couple times and rebooted, so I sent the question to support. Seems like it should be more simple than this and don't really understand why there has to be a lag anyway.

  13. My avatar is working everywhere now, don't know why, but it strangely coincided with me posting a comment on someone else's blog...clicked back on wordpress home page and there it was. Don't mean to rant but it seems like wordpress encourages you to pick an avatar and yet it doesn't work easily. If it takes 12 hours for it to appear everywhere it's supposed to then why don't they tell you that during the upload so you don't think you messed up somewhere?

  14. I changed my avatar 4 hours ago and it's not appearing yet
    so I'm watching to see when the change will be evident.

  15. Just for reference, the avatar is now showing up. It's currently on this page:

    But by the time you read this, it may have moved onwards to page 10 or more.

  16. Timethief...I hope you will post here when your new avatar change takes place to see how long that takes. Mine was over 12 hours.

    drmike...thanks for replies.

  17. IMO avatars have nothing to do with blogging and I'm here to blog so I don't sweat the small stuff. Twelve hours sounds about the same length time as the change for mine took {she shrugs}.

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