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avatar question

  1. (1) Don't let sulz get to you she's actually very good stuff. She just didn't know where you were at or she would have given you step by step instructions.

    (2) You find an image and you right click on it and choose "save as image". This saves it to your computer. Later you use the "browse" button on your wordpress blog profile page to locate the image select with a left click. Then you and left click on "upload image". After you upload the image you can use the "cropping" tool to define how much of the image you want to show as your avatar.

    (3) I had very dark blonde hair when I was a kid. I had streaky dirty blonde/brown as an adult. Now I have naturally streaky pinto hair dark blonde, brown and white. It will probably be completely white before the year is over.

  2. Get to me??? Heck no, I liked it she thought my post funny! You're the only who gets it I'd have to work hard to get up to the level of "newbie."

    2. Okay...if I haven't gone bonkers or blind, I'll see what happens when I "follow" those directions, after I "finish" more parts of the @#$%!# website. Thanks for posting. How come: they don't ask/pay YOU to write instructions? I'm close to shooting/paying someone --to translate "Codex"...I'd give something, to know what it says....

    3. Ditto. I had blond hair until age 6, then all sorts of colors, mixes. You do know there are natural remedies --to remove grey, right? (What shows, your pic: very good looking, but surprised me.)

  3. @poppy
    If you need specific instruction on anything to do with how to's related to windows please email me at [email redacted] and put "windows support" on the subject line.[I used to be a model. I frequently changed the colour of my hair to avoid identification. This was in addition to the fact that my contracts never allowed identifiable face shots to be taken, published or distributed. Now I'm over 50 and choosing to allow my hair to go white. Also since I've seen how self protective evryone else is I'm considering posting another avatar.]

  4. " to's related to windows..."???

    Huh? I appreciate an offer of help, believe it I could use, but I got no prob with Windows, my hair is on fire over: the dumb "Codex" --the thing in that would mean I could have theme/template I want --on my website. I can't understand it/can't do any of what it says. I've tried...for more than nine weeks. I went to the Forum, asked for help: the techies "asked" why not, put me down. They all know what that junk means (--at least the ones who post), 'can't' understand why I don't. One: gave me a link to people who volunteer to help. They replied, asked me questions, I answered best I could, they haven't written back.

    I don't know anything about php --or is it to do any of it. I got a blog here only so I could get used to, get ready. Now: Sorry I got involved with any of it. I've given up. Can you explain EXACTLY (--all steps included) how to down/up load a template?

  5. Poppy - I know we had our differences, but if you need any help, just like timethief, please feel free to email me at cornell @

    I assume that you have now got your own hosting rather than the blog you have used? Only reason I ask is because you're talking about uploading themes.

    I use the wordpress software on my own blogs and will happily help you if I can.


  6. oh poppy i don't mean to laugh at you! i just thought it's funny how you exaggerate your newbieness. believe me i've been that new a newbie though i'm an older newbie (haha, oxymoron) now, but believe me it doesn't take five tutorials to learn how to upload your picture.

    i think a lot of things on the net are pretty easy to learn but it's this perception that anything on the computer is hard and too techie to learn, so in that way we have sort of complicate the process in our minds. just relax, follow tt's tips and if you're still stuck don't be shy to ask - learning abt blogging and stuff is really more like self-learning despite the help we get, cos there's no teacher in front of us to tell whr our mistakes are.

    and i think you're swell too, tt. lol

  7. Thanks Peeps. Glad you got the giggles...way Not shy...learned Lots since using a puter since 1991, have a blog one year old next month...found Google when they had only 40,000 websites (lol, every techie I told said: "What's google, why do you talk funny"), it's just the Freakn: CODEX.

    No words to say HOW MUCH I HATE that thing....
    Step 1: download --doesn't say how, where, from what
    Step 2: ZIP...ah, the bane of my life...I ZIP, but it won't, it says "files in Temp file may need blah blah blah...
    But: there IS NO TEMP file, Nada Squat, there's nothing to find, I've searched EVERY inch of my's a trick...they're doing it to me personally, they musta put a camera in here, so they could watch while I go bonkers...techies hafta get their jollies where they can....

    Then there's the "little" matter of: php --or http://ftp...lord knows, can't find/figure out either one. Maybe I have bad breath, bad hair...I dunno...IF: Collin or Sulz can tell me how to un-ZIP a zipperless file --or translate the freakn CODEX into actual English, can choose any spice you want, except vanilla beans, or I could tell you which bottled water in your area is screened to international standards, your choice...otherwise: I'll use the hideous template that came with the Host site, or just shoot myself, for wasting all this time, money on something that can't be done.... Now that I've explained my dilema: can either of you solve/help it? I found THE most beautiful template I've ever seen and got a second blog here, on WP, to prepare, because it said it was only available on WP, so.... (Yup, I have a host, but he ain't sexy.)

    (Hey Sulz! Did you see the TIME of your post??? Kewl --Did you do that on purpose!?)

  8. haha, no totally unintentional. didn't even realise unti you pointed out!

  9. Poppy - I'm at work at the mo, but will try and scribble something step-by-step for you to follow when I get home.


  10. I wait --with what's left of brains, breath....

    Please: take Careful note of "ZIP" / "Temp File" --"un-zipping" probs.... I can see the Template, have it Bookmarked several ways/places, it remains in the ether....

  11. For the life of me I still can't open a zip file. I download it and everything is all on my desktop. But after that is a complete mystery to me. It took me probably months to learn just how to cut and paste. Also took me forever to learn how to use Windows Paint. Then after I learned it I felt stupid because it's so easy. lol I'll probably never host my own site because just looking at their forum makes me cringe because I don't know what they're talking about. Could probably pay someone to host it while I just do what I'm doing now but would probably cost a fortune. I also wouldn't be able to trust anyone to be a co-administrator on my blog. New thing I want to learn now is how to back up my computer.

  12. "...still can't open a zip file. I download it and everything is all
    on my desktop. But after that is a complete mystery to me"

    ~Nosysnoop: --you copied my post? You mock??? (lol) I sit here, waiting for helllp, decoding of Freakn CODEX...without: I'm stuck publishing my new website with Ugly Template, instead of Beauty....

  13. Poppy - Sorry, I ran out of time last night. Trying to process photos from a shoot on Tuesday, got another one tonight too I'm afraid.

    There was a project starting (a while ago) where respected members of the wp community were offering to install and do the basic configuration of the wordpress software for you.

    Whether it got off the ground or not I don't know, but have a search of the .org forum as I believe it was mentioned over there. Podz may be able to help with information too.

    If you still can get nothing then my email address is in a previous post, email me to remind me and I will try and get something to help you PDQ.



    I haven't followed this thread but I will point out that most hosts have some method of autoinstalling WordPress as well.

  15. That's the one, Thanks Doc! :)

  16. I wasn't mocking. :( But today i figured out how to back up my computer!! It has this wizard thing. So I'm doing what they tell me and then they ask me for cd's. :( Somthing new I have to buy now.


    Yes, someone in dot org Forum told me about them. Their website is refreshing in
    that it lists specifics, "reply within 24 hours" so I wrote...12 days ago. After 2 days no reply, I wrote again, they answered, with list of questions, haven't heard from them since. That's why I said, here, 'need help.' It's a super concept, very nice to volunteer, but how long should one wait. I'm not hopeful anymore.

    ~Kewl on the back-up, Nosy (how come no one gets my sense of humor). You don't HAFTA use CDs, you can also: enable "Back Up" button, so every time you hit "save" ("Documents") will make a copy. Of course: really important individual items should go onto a CD. If you figure out how to translate the freakn CODEX, will you share.

    ~Good deal, Collin, wondered what happened. Was afraid the Curse was continuing. I'll e-mail.

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