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  1. Hello all,

    You can make your own avatars at I got mine from there. Funny and funky. Try it and upload the image. Goodluck. Mine made from there only. Hope you like it.

  2. you can also make avatars at Meez plus you can upload
    your avatar to your photo bucket account

    P.s. My avatar was made with meez


  3. My avatar was made by Sony Ericsson mobile W710-i when I was having a good time thinking. Don't you think this chimp look awesome, eh?

  4. Mine was shot with a Canon 400D (or Digital rebel XTI) and a Speedlite 580EX. And then it was cropped to 128*128

    (What a waste)

  5. Mine was made by an artist, spreading filler (for tiles) on a board, drawing from previously made sketches over it, carving with a sharp inplement, waiting for it to dry, fill holes with ink, levelling, brushing, sandpapering.
    Then I took a photo.

  6. mine was stolen off the web.

  7. which means it's pretty annoying when i see someone else using it (twice, so far).

  8. mine was specially designed by a portrait artist

  9. I think about getting something painted (silver pen, virgin blood, full moon, midnight) ;-)

  10. oo a moonie avatar

  11. LOL

  12. Picture this: An Avatar painted on a mooning virgin's a...

    Somebody stop me.

  13. why? you do it so well yourself.

  14. I just can't fake a bad ass attitude. Shocking.

  15. Just please, no FaceMyManga avatars. I'm already so, so very tired of them. And they make everyone look alike anyway (is that because they're Japanese?)

  16. nah, delta. You cannot. You can be Grumpy, though, but no die hard here.
    Avatars seems to be a bit like tatoos - everybody wants to be individuals and end up with the same thing.

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