Avatar to show everywhere when commenting on blogs?

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    I have noticed that when some people comment on blogs, their avatar shows up next to their comment. My avatar only shows on a couple blogs on which I post comments, the others either show a symbol or a box w/ a ? mark. Is there something I can do to make my avatar show up wherever I post a comment…? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is thearmchairparisian.wordpress.com.



    Your gravatar will show up on every blog which has gravtars enabled, and where you comment with your email address.


    Hmm. Maybe that is it, some blogs do not ask for an email address, simply your name & URL (optional, but I do enter it). However, I was just looking at one as described, where other avatars are showing, but not mine.



    However, I was just looking at one as described, where other avatars are showing, but not mine.

    Would you please share the URL of where that’s happened so we can check it out?


    Certainly. Here ya’ go: http://www.parisdailyphoto.com/

    Please look at the comments on the first post (titled 1910 Paris) and see how most everyone’s avatar is showing on the right, while mine (and a couple others are not) Is it because they are “Blog Spot” members and I am not…?



    this isn’t a gravatar issue. That’s Blogger (blogspot) blog and if you register a blogspot blog then you will be able to upload an image on your Blogger profile page, then that image will display on Blogger blogs when you comment.


    I appreciate the input. So …. if I want my avatar/gavatar to show in the comments on anybody’s blog, I would have to register with each and ever blog type out there…like TypePad, Blogger, etc…?



    I don’t know which blogging platforms have gravatars or an equivalent image so I can’t provide a definitive answer. I believe you will have to research this yourself to find one. But do note that not everyone has their comments set up to display gravatars. For example, I’m a minimalist who places a high value on quick page loading time, and a low value on follower images. I have deactivated gravatars on my blog for those who leave comments.


    Thanks. I am trying to research this and had no idea where to start, which is why I posted here…. I appreciate the feedback!



    I’m thinking that gravatar.com may have at least a partial list of those platforms that are gravatar enabled on their blog. Have you tried looking there? http://blog.gravatar.com/

    If that’s not workable for you then why not ask the bloggers whose blogs you visit if their blogs are gravatar enabled. If they say “yes” and no gravatars are enabled on their blog comments at all then you will know they have deactivated them.



    Maybe this tutorial I wrote up may give some idea to why your Gravatar isn’t showing up » Whys My Gravatar Not Displaying



    No T3ck the answer isn’t found there, and if it had been I would have posted the link to my own tutorial. ;)


    Thank you t3ck ~ that helped me to understand the whole thing a little better. And thank you, timetheif for your insight as well…. I’m off to Gravatar.com….



    @TT I didn’t say the answer would be there I posted the link so the OP could have an better understanding of Gravatar if they didn’t already. :)

    @thearmchairparisian Your welcome I hope you find out what the issue is.soon! :)



    I believe this may be accurate – blogs on WordPress.com, WordPress (self hosted) , TextPattern, MovableType, Expression Engine, PMachine, Nucleus, YACS, Blojsom can be gravatar enabled. Two services that aren’t gravatar enabled are Blogger and LiveJournal.

    That being said, as I pointed out above, simply because the software can enable gravatars does not mean that the bloggers themselves do have gravatars enabled on their blogs.

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