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Avatar vs. gravatar

  1. wellcraftedtoo

    Hi to all,

    A couple things re this thread (which has wandered quite a way from where it started and which I started out of honest confusion, and some reluctance to create what I'm calling a 'traveling' avatar).

    First, no one answered one of my questions from Aug 12 (perhaps it can't be answered), but how many and what kinds of sites might enable gravatar? Just curious as to the thinking about this...

    Second, in reply to your question, Sacredpath, from Aug 12, re why it is "so different to have one's wordpress avatar remain limited to wordpress? Is it any safer here?", this is what I'd like to say. It's not so much a safety issue, of course. I've enough knowledge of the web to know that 'any and all' can and do move about it...It's more about having options, and control (or, at least, an illusion of control!).

    I'd like to have the choice to create on WordPress an old-fashioned, stick-to-Wordpress avatar image OR to create a gravatar image, and let it blow in the winds of the web.

    This also goes to issues of my identity here on WordPress, and on other web sites--the self that I bring to my blog, compared to the self that I bring to my email, or to a social networking site. Don't worry, these selves are all one of a whole, but they are--to some degree or other--different, and that is a good deal of what makes the net fun and different.

    This issue really isn't worth getting into an on-going bruhaha over... I would just like, as I think some others would too, the option of a 'non-traveling' avatar.

  2. wellcraftedtoo

    Forgot to add, that I like the comment from onfollowingchrist that--and I'm paraphrasing here--"because the internet generally is not privacy-friendly we shouldn't takes steps to enable (privacy)".

    But, as I said above, this issue, for me, is more about control over how I am identified on the web, than about privacy and safety on the web, whatever that means.

  3. 1) Here is a list of sites that CAN run Gravatars, if they choose:
    Software Plugins/Hacks/How-Tos

    * MovableType
    – Gravatar Plugin
    – CommentBodyPlusGravatar Plugin
    – Dynamic PHP Plugin
    * WordPress Gravatar Plugin
    * TextPattern Hack
    * Expression Engine Plugin
    * PMachine Hack
    * Nucleus Plugin
    * Drupal Module
    * YACS How-To
    * Blojsom Plugin
    * Ruby on Rails
    * Smarty
    * OSX Leopard Address Book Plugin
    * Pivot/PivotX
    * Joomla
    * IP.Board
    * Geeklog

    Blogging Services

    * Blogger
    * LiveJournal
    2) Right now it's not an option to separate your Gravatar from the email address that knows you by. You might want to contact staff and request that it become an option:

    Gravatars and avatars were not identical until quite recently. Presumably the change would not be as difficult now as it would be in six months.

  4. Thanks for this info, I've had a few probs too.

  5. wellcraftedtoo

    Thank you, raincoaster, for the helpful list and for the link to contact support at WP--I think I will make the request. For the time being, it's looks like I won't have a personalized avatar/gravatar, but who knows what the future will bring?

  6. I really don't see the problem...if I make a comment on Blogger or any other ,I have the choice to choose my identity and my WP avatar doesn't stick to me !
    ...Maybe I didn't understand what it's all about,anyway I know now the difference between gravatar and avatar: there is none :)

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