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    website: http://tastydebt.wordpress.com

    I am trying to change my default icon that displays when you do a search on wordpress.com or when you comment on a blog. I have read the tutorials on gravatars/avatars yet everything I have done doesn’t seem to work. There has to be something I am missing. I cleared my cache too. I was hoping I could post an attachment as I made a word attachment with screen shots showing where I am having problems at. I feel this is a stupid question as I have seen allot of post about this but nothing seems to help me fix it. I have uploaded in so many different areas and still it defaults to the green geometric picture from wordpress. In one forum we could test our gravatar so i posted there and suddenly it posted with this picture I had. I went to my blog did a test post and it went back to the green geometric picture. Hoping someone can help me, perhaps I can email you the word attachment I have so you can see the screen shots that I have if that would help.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is tastydebt.wordpress.com.



    There I post here and the correct picture reflects. I don’t know what I am/am not doing but I feel very flustered. If i search for my blog on wordpress it comes up with the green geometric picture.



    If you do a forum search you will see that it takes hours, sometimes even two days, for the avatar to change.

    The old pictures generally remain the same. The new avatar will usually only apply to new posts and comments you make.


    Thanks raincoaster, I had the same question. As you suggested, it changed after waiting a while.

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