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  1. is anyone having avatar problems? mine keeps turning into a red X and my brother(who uses a different computer) cant upload one (even if its a JPG/PNG)

  2. I can see your avatar here in the forums. It takes a while for it to show up after you upload or re-upload one. Check the reply from staff at the bottom of the first page in this thread: .

    For reference, here are some things to keep in mind when creating and uploading an avatar to here are some basics worth remembering:
    (1) Be sure your image one of these file types - jpg, jpeg, png, gif (Note that bmp's cannot be uploaded due to size).
    (2) Do not use anything in the file name except letters and numbers. Use no spaces, no dashes, no underscores, or any type of special character or punctuation, except for the dot between the file name and the extension. Also make sure that the file name has an extension.
    (3) Choose an image that does not have any transparency in it.
    (4) Pre-sized the image to be 128 pixels x 128 pixels square prior to trying to upload it.
    (5) After uploading your avatar, you can try it out by going here
    (6) Do be aware that when you upload an avatar, it will take a little bit for it to make it all the way through the system and show up everywhere.


    I replied to the topic linked above, my problems are detailed there. I think they are working on a fix for it.

  4. im on my brothers name right now, i followed all the steps but when i upload the picture, on page where you resize/crop it its blank white.. and this is what happends to it

  5. @ katkmeanders

    yeah thats the same thing happening to us

  6. Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical "fixes" of any kind. If you have followed thesacredpath's instruction and are still having trouble then have both reported your problem to staff? This link will work during support hours

  7. @timethief, Barry (ETA: Why did I call him Mark?! *blush*) had responded to the topic I linked. I think he's working on a fix, and maybe alerted others to the problem? Isn't he more than a volunteer?

  8. do i have my brother write too?

  9. Yes Barry is on staff and Mark is too. Mark is our Support Maven and I think Barry's title is "Systems Wrangler" but I could be wrong.

  10. @timethief Did you see the screen caps I posted in the other topic? (Barry's response is on page 1 there.)

  11. Staff has posted that they believe the avatar problem is fixed. Go here for details.

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