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  1. How can I go back to the automatically generated avatar? I uploaded one and changed my mind, but cannot find any way to reverse it!

    Better can I have different avatars for the different blogs I have? It appears that I am forced to have the same avatar for all of my blogs, which is why I want to go back to the automatically generated one.

  2. Searches are a blogger's friend :)

  3. Thank you, Vivian.

    I did do a search and I did read that post before posting. I know you guys are really busy and hate to bother you with an already answered question if I can help it. :-)

    However, it still leaves me in the same position. I am stuck with the same avatar on all of my blogs with no way to individualize them and no way to go back to automatically generating them. Or did I miss something?


  4. No, you didn't miss anything. That FAQ says there is no way to delete an avatar. As for individualizing them, the avatar is associated with a user name. The only way to have different avatars for different blogs is to have different user names (which requires different email addresses) for each.

  5. Thank you, Vivian! I wish I had realized that before I uploaded the avatar. Oh, well! Strike it up to learning. :-)

    I hope they decide to either allow individuality for blogs at some point or at least to be able to go back to autogenerating.

    I appreciate your help.


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