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Avatars in the Likes section of a Post

  1. Hello, I would like to disable the display of avatars in the likes section of all posts, like I have done in the comments section. I have searched extensively the settings pages and the support pages but found no alternative other than disabling likes all together. To me it is a matter of aesthetics not to display avatars on my blog. Can you help? Just applying to likes all the avatar preferences already recorded for comments at options-discussion.php would be perfect for me. BTW, how do you deal with an X-rated avatar liking a post?
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  2. I'm sorry but there is no alternative. Also note that we cannot remove "likes" by like button spammers regardless of what the gravatar rating is. :(

  3. Is this an official reply, or are you just a user like me?

  4. Hi again,
    This is a peer support forum and I'm a Volunteer ie. a user just like you. I have answered questions here for 6 1/2 years. I want the same thing you want and I will flag this thread for a Staff response but I know my answer is correct.

  5. At this time, Gravatars cannot be hidden from Likes on a post.

    You can, however, control the maximum allowed rating for a Gravatar via Settings -> Discussion in your blog's Dashboard.

  6. oops! I forgot that settings. Thanks macmanx.

  7. Thank you for your kind explanations. I never doubted the correctness of your answer. I asked the status of the reply because I wanted to know whether it is official or not.

    Thank you also for flagging this thread for Staff's attention. I guess you *do* have a (deserved) superior status. I actually tried to file a support ticket directly to staff, like I was able to do in the past, but it seems that users filing support tickets are now forced to go via the forum. I intended to avoid the forum because I knew it would not be useful to me.

    For now I have disabled likes from my blog. At least that was easy and all gravatars disappeared, which got me what I wanted in the short term. I rather not risk an offensive gravatar (or for that matter, a gravatar at all). Now Automattic has the time to fix this bug and make sure that like button spammers can't steal my readers' screen in 48 x 48 pixels instalments :)

  8. @panospace
    macmanx is Staff :)

  9. Can you please notify me when I will be able to hide Gravatars from Likes? All I would like to see, in terms of Likes, is a one liner saying that "N other users like this post".

  10. @timethief: I was writing the above three paragraphs text when the other answers came in. This is another reason why I prefer mailing lists to web based forums: I see in directly in a familiar user interface if newer messages arrived without leaving the page.

  11. P.S. I am a minimalist, not only in blogging. I have removed the social networking sharing buttons display from front page of my blog. I've also disabled avatar display which is why I did not recall the maximum rating setting macmanx pointed to. Now I'm considering disabling the like button too.

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