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Avatars in the Recent Comments widget

  1. If you don't like them, go to the widget itself and open it.

    You can make it like it was before.

  2. Yes we have discovered that. :)
    Have you noticed this thread?

  3. That title does not say what mine does, nor is it the same issue :)

  4. @ Mark
    Granted that the title does not say what yours does. However, what the thread reveals is that some bloggers had problems with their most recent comments not displaying in their sidebars in their Recent Comments Widget when avatars were incorporated into the Recent Comments widget. After they disabled the avatars in the Recent Comments widget, their most recent comments were displayed.

    I do believe there is a connection between the two but if you don't - no sweat {/shrug}.

  5. Interestingly, internal pingbacks show no avatar. It would be nice if they showed the blog owner avatar, I think.

  6. The comments still work, but my image doesn't appear anywhere on my posts, comments etc. And neither does anyone elses?

  7. Your avatar is not supposed to appear on your posts. I thought I made it clear yesterday that avatars only appear on the tag pages, on forum posts, on some themes and only on comments left on your own blog by yourself or by other bloggers, provided they are signed in. Open the widget in your sidebar called "Recent Widgets" and set the size of the avatars you want then click "save changes" and report back what happens.

  8. @raincoaster, I queried that (avatars on internal pingbacks) on Donncha's inital announcement but that post has been dropped from the thread. From timethief's comment above, it seems there is a differentiation between "comment" and "ping-back". Pity about that.

  9. I don't feel the same way as raincoaster at all. I dislike the avatar display in Recent Comments and don't want it in pingbacks. I don't like a cluttered looking blog so I shut it off in the Recent Comments widget. And, I can only pray that where ever these "thingees" appear next that we can shut them off there too.

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