Aveda Theme Installation: Upload not displayed

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    Hi, I’m trying to install an Theme Fusion Aveda theme for the first time. I have all the files but when I go to Appearance>Themes I do not get the option to Upload Theme as per the tutorial videos I have watched. Instead, the page displays a number of WordPress themes to choose from – none of these are the one I have purchased.

    Help! This may be a silly question but, I’d really appreciate some feedback.


    The blog I need help with is wearecreaturesfashion.wordpress.com.



    You cannot install a theme you purchased elsewhere onto a WordPress.com blog. For security reasons this is not allowed. Get your money back for the theme; it’s a common mistake. Those are for WordPress.ORG blogs only.


    Thanks rain coaster! Is wordpress.org a different company? If I want to use the Aveda template, Should I register with them instead?!


    (P.S.) I need a template that allows for a professional online shopping cart)

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