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    Just a general question which perhaps no one knows the answer to:

    If you were to take out, say, the top 10% and bottom 10% (we’ll call them both “outliers”) of WordPress blogs, within that middle 80% what is the average number of clicks/hits per day / week / month over the past year?

    Of that “Middle 80,” what’s the top, middle and bottom 3rd(-ish) get, click-wise?

    I’m curious because I don’t know if my site’s doing really well, average or poor, in the big scheme of things (at least among WordPress blogs). Of course I know that there are some blogs — those outliers — that get thousands and thousands and thousands of clicks per day. I’m not talking about those.

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    The blog I need help with is letsjapan.wordpress.com.



    Sorry but I do not have an answer to your question and sincerely doubt that any other wordpress.com Volunteer does. There are millions of wordpress.com blogs in a wide range of niches and in those blogs the bloggers publish on a wide array of categories. As a Volunteer I don’t have a clue what the average number of clicks are on the average blogs across the platform in a multplicity of niches.



    Dear “TimeThief” –

    Thank you. Perhaps someone other than a volunteer knows that answer. I know that — like everyone else with a WP blog — I received a detailed breakdown of my blog’s hits and so forth earlier this month. And of course stats are kept in pretty much real time for each blog. So it stands to reason that somewhere within the guts of WP software there’s an answer to my question.

    Again, maybe a volunteer doesn’t have it, but someone else with the company.

    And, if this software / program *doesn’t* exist, it would be nice to have, to develop.





    This is the link for contacting Staff directly. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/



    Thanks! Will do.




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