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Average Traffic at WordPress: Question for the Gurus.

  1. Dear WordPress Immortals (I say that with respect, not snark):

    I was wondering if you have any numbers available re: site view averages for WordPress blogs in general, and/or broken-down by date-of-activation, say, "Avg page views for WP Blogs 30 days old and younger = 'w'; for 90 days and younger = 'x'; for 6 months and younger = 'y'; for 1 year and younger = 'z' "

    Of course we know you have the "114,421 new posts, 214,715 comments, & 32,266,071 words today on" thing going on, but I'm asking
    about something slightly different.

    I think that that would be interesting to look at and help us "guage" our own activities (or be wholly disconcerting/depressing . . . depending).

    Anything like that out there?

    Thank you and regards,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. P.S. - I mean "Views per Day", "Views per Week". Apologies for not making that clear.

  3. An average traffic figure doesn't really mean much because traffic tends to follow a power law distribution - i.e. most of the traffic goes to a very small number of blogs; then there is a "long tail" of millions of blogs that each account for a relatively small amount of traffic.

    You'll find some site-wide stats here:


    That might of interest to you. ;)

  5. A median traffic figure would be interesting, or percentile distribution figures, such as:

    80% of blogs get X views per day/week/month;
    50% of blogs get Y views per day/week/month;
    20% of blogs get Z views per day/week/month.

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